Murray Holdgate

Co-Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Murray has over 13 years’ experience working in banking and finance, running an Equity and Bond desk in Hong Kong before retiring in 2017 to focus on Real Estate full time.

During his financial career as Responsible Officer for securities and Statutory Director, he assisted in bringing the whole business forward to the largest and most successful broker in Asia. Expertise includes bond and stock pricing, foreign exchange pricing, meticulous accounting procedures, fund appropriation, client liaison and quantitative analysis.

As Co-Founder of Alpha SPC, Murray oversees the structuring/re-structuring of debt for global development partners. His thorough work ethics and financial analysis play a key role in ensuring that each project is as efficient and financially watertight as possible.


Adam Simmons

Co-Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Adam is a real estate and property market professional and has over 10 years’ experience in the building industry. He holds a Degree in Architectural Technology and has worked on many development projects throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

He has experience across all sectors of the Real Estate Industry from design, construction, de-construction, recycling building materials, sales and marketing, financial structuring, underwriting and capital raising.

Adam Co-founded Alpha SPC and has successfully built the company’s track record since inception which saw an average return of 18% per annum between 2013-2016.


Roman Timm

Chief Operating Officer

Roman Timm has 10 years of experience in the Financial industry with a focus on equity and credit derivatives trading, and financial analysis on the investment banking side in Europe and in Asia.

Roman holds various degrees and qualifications which include a BSc in International Trade, a MSc in Finance and an MBA, Roman brings to the team his passion for numbers and technology, a strong understanding of the investment landscape as well as his sense of detail on all things technical. He plays a key role in managing risk for Alpha SPC.



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